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体育彩票36选7走势图:Classic Novels As Described in Clickbait Headlines

The Internet has given us many things over the years. Hashtags.?Emojis. A front-row seat to whatever is currently going on?with Ariana Grande.

But it has also given us clickbait, which, as a concept, is as ridiculous as it is brilliant.?We tend to see headlines?like “You’ll NEVER GUESS what this celebrity PUTS ON THEIR HOTDOG!” and scroll on by, rolling our eyes…?only to?double back five minutes later in spite of ourselves because?now there’s a part of us?that will never know peace until we?click that godforsaken link and find out what some out-of-touch rich person drizzles on their?mystery meat. (Is it mayonnaise? Is it tater tots? How weird could it possibly be?)

Last year, a Dallas bookstore called The Wild Detectives?launched a marketing campaign that turned a bunch of classic novels into clickbait. And since we loved the idea so much, we thought we’d do a few of our own!

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